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Hello there... This is my Morrigan Costume Play section... Here you will find pics of women who wanna be just like me. *laughs* They don't compare to my beauty, but hey, they are trying... Besides, a mortal's beauty can't contend with that of an immortal... Compared to other mortals... these women are very beautiful... Click on the links below to see these "Ladies of The Night"...

The Morrigan Costume Play Pics

Costume 1:
Costume 2:
Costume 3:
Costume 4:
Costume 5:
Costume 6:
Costume 7:
Costume 8:
Costume 9:
Costume 10:
Costume 11:
Costume 12:

Do you have any Morrigan Costume Play pics.....? If you do, send them to Momoru-san and he will put them up on this page. ... You will be given credit for submitting it if you like.....

Momoru Kisaragi