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Lady Morrigan-sama's Fan Club

Konban wa... This is Morrigan Aenslaed.. I want to thank a very nice mortal for building me a Fan Club.. His name is Momoru Kisaragi.. Gosh I have so many admirers I don't know what I shall do *laughs*. I can't blame them, I'd love me too just look at me!! If you wanna join the Fan Club, E-Mail Momoru-san from the link at the bottom of the page...

The Sections of My Fan Club

Here you will find out who is a member of my Fan Club.
Here you will find fan fictions about me.
Momoru's Links
This is Momoru-san's list of links.
A Complete Moves List
Here you will find every move I've ever had in every fighting game I've ever been in!!
Morrigan Costume Play
This is a page with pics of girls who wanna be like me.

Momoru Kisaragi