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Below you will find several "goodies"!! I hope you enjoy them. If anyone knows where to find more "goodies", please feel free to E-Mail me and you will receive credit on my webpage for finding it!! I have put a brief description of what each "goodie" is beside its link. When you see what you want, right click your mouse and save it onto your computer for later use. If you don't want to download it, just open the file and enjoy it here!!

The "Goodies"

Goodie 1
The sound of Morrigan's "Doppleganger" attack
Goodie 2
Morrigan's laugh
Goodie 3
Morrigan's scream (when she is defeated on game)
Goodie 4
The sound of Morrigan's "Shadow Blade" attack
Goodie 5
The sound of Morrigan's "Soul Fist" attack
Goodie 6
Morrigan's BGM from "Darkstalkers" (midi)
Goodie 7
Morrigan's BGM from "Vampire Savior" (midi)
Goodie 8
Morrigan's ending from "Vampire Savior" *Spoiler*
Goodie 9
Lady Morrigan-sama's Fan Club
Goodie 10
Morrigan's Complete Moves List
Goodie 11
Morrigan's BGM from Darkstalkers Revenge (midi)
Goodie 12
A video of Morrigan's Soul Fist attack
Goodie 13
A mp3 of one of Morrigan's lines from the Vampire Hunter OVA Volume 1
Goodie 14
Morrigan's BGM from "Vampire Savior" (.WAV)

Momoru Kisaragi