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My servant Momoru begged me to add this section, so I decided to be nice and let him put it here... He gets on my nerves sometimes with his questions and I wish he'd leave me be.. but he is kinda cute *laughs* and of course he built me this nice shrine and Fan Club... he's soooo nice to me.. the least I could do is let him put up his "little" links section *laughs* Oh well, the links are below, just click on them and you will be taken there. If you want your link added, just E-mail Momoru-san.. But remember, the site must have anime, Darkstalkers, or Capcom stuff on it...

Momoru's Links

Anime Turnpike
An anime mega site!!
Sailor Bacon's Lyrics.
A huge collection of those hard to find anime lyrics
The home of the best anime music video creators this world has seen!
A homepage of a really great Fansub group and Anime Club.
Vampire Hunter
A very nice Darkstalkers page.
Morrigan Fan Site
A great Morrigan page.
Page of Gloom.
Webpage of a friend and fellow Morrigan fan. (not for younger viewers)

Momoru Kisaragi