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The Lonely Moon

"I am lonely like the moon

You are far away as the earth

Now you say I light your thoughts

Night after night

Soon you'll forget

We are drifting in this dance

I can feel you circle my heart

Keeping such a graceful distance

So close but somehow apart

Sometimes I cry for you

Knowing you don't want me to

Sometimes I whisper to the stars in the sky

That I want to find the way to your soul

Kiss in the sun when the morning comes

You don't seem to count the hours

When we are not together

I've seen a tender fire in your eyes

Yet when I'm gone you carry on

I float in this emptiness

Till at last love returns

With the night and the lonely moon

I am lonely like the moon

Always wanting you to be near

I embrace you till the dawn

Then with a smile you disappear

We continue in our dance

There are times I think it should end

But I lose myself in rapture

And we start all over again

Sometimes I cry for you

Knowing you don't want me to

Sometimes i whisper to the stars up in the sky

I love the warm emotions you bring

Though there is a pain, I don't complain

How you can inspire me

Whenever we're together

Every time it's like a new song

You move me so I think you know

I won't even say a word

In your arms or far from sight

I'll be your light like the lonely moon