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Another Night: By James Stone

She sits high above the city on a skyscraper. She wonders what man she would toy with first. She thinks about how beautiful she is in the moonlight. Her hair shines like the color jade. Morrigan sees a man coming out of a bar late at night. She says, "This one might be fun". Her powerful wings take her down to greet the mortal.

His name is John Windsor. He is what Morrigan would call a loser. No wife, no job, and he drinks too much. A very pitiful mortal indeed. He hears her laugh out of the night. He gets scared and stumbles to the ground. I must be going insane, he thinks. Then he sees the succubus. Who are you lady of the night? I am Morrigan Aenslaed and i need something you have no use for human. Heh you bla mm caaan't be real ahh. You look mighty sick. Come with me and you will have eternal pleasure. Why do you dress like that? This is how all people dress sweetheart, she replies. Oh yeah, I think I could use a drink. Morrigan thinks to herself,"Such a weak human. Down on the ground, and stupified like the dog he is. And to think that all this is caused by a bottle of beer. Soon he won't have to worry about cheap domestic beer. What is your name stumbling friend?" I don't know but everyone calls me John, I think. Well John, how would you care to sleep with this lovely lady you see before you? I would love to mam. Just one question... Why would you want to sleep with me? You will see John.

The two got to John's apartment. It is small, dirty, but it has a bed. The two sleep together. John still doesn't know what a stupid thing he has done. While John is sleeping, Morrigan is still awake. She asks him in a soothing voice, "Your soul is strong, may I borrow it forever?" John mumbles,"Whatever you want baby." "Consider it done." She says to herself. The two have become one. Morrigan asks herself, "Isn't it ironic how a man's dream can become a nightmare so instantly?"

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