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Succubus: By Momoru Kisaragi

As Shukaido lied in his bed, he contemplated about what he would do the next morning. His brief moment of peace and tranqulity was then broken by the chime of his antique grandfather clock. Dong... dong... dong... dong...

Moments later, dead silence. The time was now midnight. Shukaido for some unkown reason began to feel uneasy and anxious. Suddenly he began to feel tired. His eyes were growing heavy. He was struggling to merely keep them open. His very room seemed to spin about him. The spinning was about to make him sick. The taunting fingers of nausia wrenching its long fingers in his stomach.

He felt his mind drifting. His consciousness was quickly fading. The spinning room disappeared, along with it the nausea, and was replaced by complete darkness. He felt his energy starting to return. Oh, the great bliss of rejuvination.

He opened his eyes and looked around. Much to his surprise, he was no longer in his room. He found himself lying on cold, damp, leaf-strewn earth. Shukaido seemed to be in the middle of a dark forest. He thought to himself, "This must be a dream, I couldn't have possibly wandered here in my sleep." He pinched himself. He was then greeted by the hot unfriendly feeling of sharp pain.

Shukaido said to himself, "Obviously I am not asleep, therefore there must be some logical explantion for my being here." The very second he uttered these words, he heard a sound which he could have sworn sounded like the sweet melodic laugh of a woman. He glanced around in all directions, but there was nothing in sight but endless trees and darkness. The trees' roots, like crooked fingers clung tightly to the ground. Their huge leaf-covered limbs arced out to touch one another to form a thick canopy that almost completely blocked out the sky. The wind began to blow, the leaves upon the ground to rustle, and the branches of the trees to sway, allowing a brief glimpse of the full moon.

The wind seemed to urge Shukaido to move forward. So, in turn he proceded ahead. The earth felt cold and wet to his bear feet, otherwise the temperature was quite comfortable, cool but not cold. Suddenly something something caught his eye. It was the figure of what seemed to be a woman shrouded in white. She appeared to be suspended in mid-air, her white shroud fluttering in the ever so persistent breeze. Just as quickly as she had supposedly appeared, she faded away into the shadows.

Once more Shukaido heard the laugh, then he heard someone whispering his name. It sounded like a woman with a Scottish accent. He continued ahead though his conscience told him that he shouldn't. Again he heard the laugh! This time it seemed to be emitted from directly behind him. His heart began to pound, his blood violently pulsating in his veins, his muscles to tense. This did very little to ease his fear.

He felt the ominous prescence of something around him. He yelled, "If someone is out there please show yourself!!" The wind began to blow so hard that it flung Shukaido onto the ground. A bright light began to shine. He shielded his eyes from its sheer intensity. The light then began to shrink away and condense into a spherical shape.

The sphere disapeared and a flurry of bats burst into the air, their screeches echoing throughout the forest. Where the sphere had been was the phantom he thought he had seen earlier. She grabbed her garb and flung it to the ground. She could now be seen with complete clarity. The figure was definetely that of a woman. She had long, straight, pale-green hair. She was dressed quite strangely to Shukaido's eyes. She had on a black bodysuit with a heart cut out of it just below the breasts. The top of the body suit came down below her shoulders and left the top of her chest bare. She had on pink gloves without the fingers that ran up her arm. Upon the middle finger of each hand was a large gold ring. She was wearing light purple colored stckings with the shapes of bats all over them. On her feet she wore high heel black leather boots that came to the middle of her shins. Upon her head was a pair of small bat-like wings. Her face was fair and young. Her eyes a bright aquamarine green. A slight smirk accented her small feminine mouth. Upon her back, a pair of large black wings, not like wings of a bird, but much more like wings of a bat.

Shukaido slowly rose to his feet and asked the woman, "Who are you???" She replied, " I am Morrigan Aenslaed, I am a succubus, a temptress of the night, or should I say "Queen of The Night"." I brought you here tonight to amuse me. You see, I really love to fight with men. I've already wasted enough time. Take your fighting position and please don't go easy.... I hate it when men do that. I surely won't be easy on you, so please amuse me."

Shukaido was stunned by her reply. Suddenly Morrigan threw a punch and hit Shukaido in the mouth, his head flew backwards from the impact. He could taste his blood in his mouth. Morrigan then swung her leg and kicked Shukaido in the side of the head and knocked him onto the ground. Shukaido thought, "God she's good, maybe I should fight back." Shuakido rose to his feet, blood dripping from his lip. He swung at Morrigan, she dodged and grabbed his arm and snapped it like a twig. Shukaido cried in pain. Morrigan laughed and replied, "You mortals are such babies, you can do much better than that."

Shukaido used a side kick and kicked her in the stomach as she was open. She doubled over struggling to breathe. She caught her breath, looked up and smiled. "Oh yes, that's how you do it baby!!" Just then Morrigan seemed to become blurry and she split into two images of herself. The images phased in front and behind Shukaido. Shukaido felt himself being repeatedly being kicked and punched. He heard his ribs cracking, felt his face swelling. The pain was so overwhelming he thought he would pass out. He heard Morrigan scream the words "Shadow Blade!!" Morrigan's images came together and formed one again and her left wing formed into a blade and she lunged upwards, hurdling Shukaido ten feet into the air. The blade cut through his shirt and his flesh.

Shukaido hit the ground with a thud. Morrigan landed soflty on the ground and looked at him rather disapointedly and said, "You were such a bore, you humans can't put up very much of a fight." He then passed out. Suddenly he opened his eyes and he was back in his bed. He rose from his bed and checked himself. His arm was no longer broken. His entire body was unscathed. He sighed and said to himself, "My what a weird dream." Just then he heard her laugh echo outside his window.

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Momoru Kisaragi